To slew via the motors:

Select 't' or control:track on/off to turn on tracking.
Select new coordinates by using one of the data files, or by calling Guide.bat if available, or by inputing equatorial coordinates manually.
Choose '1' or move:input equat to slew to object.

To move the scope by hand:

Select 't' or control:track on/off to turn tracking off (if you don't do this, the scope will attempt to slew back to the original equatorial coordinates).
If the optional encoders are installed, the program will automatically update altazimuth coordinates (if tracking is off, the equatorial coordinates will also be updated), otherwise, if the encoders are not installed, after moving the scope you will need to enter the equatorial coordinates of the object you have ended up at, then select "Reset:equat, so that the scope can know where it is now pointing.