Data files

A number of data files are available, many of them contributed by amateurs who have built the system.

They include:
BSTARS (24 brightest stars)
MESSIER (messier catalog)
NGC0, NGC1, NGC2, NGC3, NGC4, NGC5, NGC6, NGC7 (ngc catalog)
IC (ic catalog)
5MAGSTAR (all stars 5 magnitude and brighter)
A_H_BSC, I_Z_BSC (bright star catalog)
00000XL and 00000L (first file is all stars 6.5 mag and brighter north of -40 dec, the second file consists of stars only with Bayer (Greek) or Flamsteed (Arabic numeral) designations)
HICKSON (hickson galaxies)
PLANETS (run planets.exe to get current planet positions)
ARP (arp peculiar galaxies)
PN19TO23, PN00TO11, PN012TO1, PN17, PN18  (planetary nebulae catalog)
PALGC (palomar globular clusters)
constellation files designed by constellation abbreviation
mutiple star files designed by 'MS....dat'

many more files can be found in the file repository of the group