Stepper version mouse control

The mouse can be used either as encoders or to control the program.  Wireless operation at the eyepiece is possible.  A wireless mouse can substitute for both the handpaddle and a motorized focuser controller.

Use the mouse's right button to set the mouse mode by rapid clicking.

Click the right button once to put the mouse in menu mode.  Here you can operate the software's menus with the expected point and click operation.
Click twice times to put the mouse in halfstep mode.
Click three times to put the mouse in microstep mode.
Click four times to put the mouse in focus  mode.
Click five times to put the mouse in auxiliary mode.

When the mouse mode is microstep, halfstep, or auxiliary mode, using the left button will turn on the appropriate motor until the left button is released.
Click the left button once to move 'up'.
Click twice to move 'down'.
Click three times to move 'clockwise'.
Click four times to move 'counterclockwise'.

As with the handpad's auxiliary mode, the up direction controls parallel port pin 1, the down direction pin 14, the right or clockwise direction pin 16, and the left or counterclockwise direction, pin 17.