Holomask Calculator

The holographic Foucault null test is a Foucault null test that uses a computer generated holographic mask in front of the mirror.

Mauritz Andersson has developed the ground-breaking mirror test at http://xiluma.se/holomask/. He's made the source code open source under the MIT License at https://github.com/ztiruam/holomask.

Mauritz's application requires access to a server running PHP. I determined to write a version in JavaScript that calculates the holomask entirely in the browser.

For information on the test itself, please see Mauritz's webpage. And thanks to Mauritz for making the code open source.


Diffraction order =
Mirror diameter (mm) =
Radius of curvature (mm) =
Conic (-1 parabola) =
Wavelength (nm) =
Slit size (mm) =

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I applied minimal refracting, mainly namespaces and scope, mirroring Mauritz's PHP code as much as possible. This helps others understand my port, helps with debugging and will help when updating the JS code when the PHP side changes.

Mel Bartels