Our Excellent Solar Eclipse 98 Adventure

... by Mel Bartels

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    It's simply not possible to describe a solar eclipse - you must experience it, feel it, and see it. Though my third eclipse, this '98 Caribbean eclipse awed me and thrilled me as much as the '79 Biggs, Oregon eclipse, and the '91 Baja, Mexico eclipse. Yet, each eclipse leaves it own unique impressions.

    When did this eclipse start? Really, a year previous when my friends and I sat down to sort through our options. We eventually settled on the Astronomical League tour, booked through Spears Travel in Oklahoma, that featured a seven day cruise on Carnival's boat, the Fascination. Counting two days spent in San Juan before the cruise, highlighted by visiting the Aricebo Radio Observatory, and travel days, we committed a good week and a half to the trip.

    an apartment building in old San Juan, Puerto Rico

    the old San Juan fort, Puerto Rico

    Aricebo Radio Observatory, Puerto Rico

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