Aurora, Meteor, Zodiacal Light, Comet Images...

  • Colorful aurora with meteor from Pine Mountain Observatory

  • Aurora (blue spike) from Goldendale Observatory

  • Aurora (broad yellow red) from Pine Mountain Observatory

  • Perseid Meteor in northern Milky Way

  • Zodiacal Light in false color (cone shhref="zodiacal.jpg">Zodiacal Light in false color (cone shaped rising from lower left)

  • Comet Hyakutake with fish-eye lens, 2 minute exposure with Kodak Gold 1000 negative film, taken 3/25/96

  • Comet West from the Coburg Hills north of Eugene, with the Three Sisters in the background, 35mm lens with Ektachrome film for 5 minutes, handguided platform

    Deepsky Prime Focus Long Exposure Cold Camera Images (homebuilt dry air type cold cameras on 10" f/5 and 14" f/5 newtonians, Ektachrome and Tri-X film, typical exposure of 5 minutes, copied from 35mm to Kodak PhotoCD, 10" photos in the '70s, 14" photos in early '80's)...

  • M42, 14"

  • M22, 14"

  • M35, 10"

  • Pleiades (reflections caused by the cold camera's optical window), 10"

  • Helix, 10"

  • Double Cluster Perseus, 10"

    Solar, Lunar Images...

  • Moon through 14", prime focus

  • Sunspots through 4" Astroscan

    Dobsonian (no tracking, stationary) Images (yes, dobsonian astrophotography can be done!)...

  • Venus at noon, 14"

  • Jupiter, 24" dob

  • Albireo double star, 24" dob

  • Gamma Andromeda double star (miniature Albireo), 24" dob

  • Partial lunar eclipse, 8" dob

    1991 Baja, Mexico, Solar Eclipse Images...

  • sunset the night before the eclipse

  • prominences

  • outer corona

  • wide angle view of sky and horizon at mid-eclipse

  • wide angle view at mid-eclipse showing Venus and Mercury (barely visible between eclipsed Sun and Venus

  • sunset the night after the eclipse

    1979 Biggs, Oregon, Solar Eclipse Images...

  • chromasphere

  • inner corona

  • mid-inner corona

  • mid-outer corona

  • outer corona