Steve Swayze's

10 inch F3 Dobsonian

Hey, check it out.  My latest creation, a ten inch f / 3 Newtonian.  This 12 inch tube is just 33 inches long.  It contains my first meniscus mirror.  Pyrex, and the fast f /3 curve in the face, matches on it's back.  So it's uniform throughout ( 3/4 inch thick, and light ) thin Pyrex, with no change in correction, as the temperature drops, because of the uniform thickness of the lightweight mirror.  I made the mirror from what was a ten inch tool that I had used for years to make other mirrors with. As high as Pyrex is now, it needs to be a mirror instead.

With just a 30 1/8 inch focal length, it's very easy to take out and transport around, and it gives fantastic very low power views on big objects.  Awesome wide field views with the 21mm TeleVue Ethos eyepiece in it.  It does require the new Paracorr type 2 coma corrector in use with  the  eyepiece of choice.  The views are crisp and sharp edge to edge. It also does real good, with higher power eyepieces, for more magnification when needed.

I've covered the tube and rocker with the gorgeous African cherry, called Makore ( mac or ee ), along with Ebony, and Birdseye Maple.  My first time to ever do the  end rings with a black wood, rather than light maple or similar.   All was brushed with epoxy, sanded down, and  sprayed with satin finish varnish.  Uncounted hours of work.

There is a small red dot finder ( object locator ) that goes on above the focuser and end of the tube.  The mirror is glued with silicone glue to one of two wooden rings I made for a mirror cell.  The back ring is bolted to the tube.  Collimating bolts with springs and wing nuts hold the two rings together.  It works excellent, and holds collimation well.

--- Steve Swayze, April 2012