What is TTO and TEO?

TTO is Total Time to Observe. TEO is Total Effort to Observe.

I'm not talking telescope setup time or time to locate an object.

TTO is the time from first thinking about observing to the initial looks through the eyepiece. The shorter this time, the more I observe. TEO is all the effort I have to put forth leading up to looking through the eyepiece.

The sky clears as I eat dinner. It would sure be great to take advantage of the sky. The quicker and easier that I can setup in the driveway or backyard, or throw the scope in the back of the car and drive to a nearby observing point, the more likely I'll observe that night.

Sure, that big aperture scope is wonderful, but the truth is that I'm not as likely to go to the hassle of lugging it out and setting it up if it is heavy or has a lot of pieces, or needs tweaking every time. I did myself a huge favor and built a couple of smaller aperture scopes that setup instantly and that are a joy to point and look. A four, six or eight inch scope, quick to setup, is perfect. I reserve my big gun for those times when it is OK for my TTO to be long and for my TEO to be heavy, like a major star party or a long weekend trip to very dark skies.

Do yourself a favor too by shortening your TTO. Oh, and lighten up that TEO while you are at it too!

Mel Bartels