10 inch Fork with Cold Camera by Mel Bartels

After my 8 inch f/7, my second serious telescope was a larger faster scope, a 10 inch f/5. The tube needed to fit into the backseat of a car. I often drove to the top of the pass: note Mt Washington in the background from Potato Hill, one of my observing sites. For tracking I used a drive built from a homemade gear with teeth made from wood putty. The motor was an AC synchronous motor with variable frequency control. With careful polar alignment I was able to guide for several minutes. I developed my own B&W and color film and produced my own enlargements. I built a cold camera that accepted rolled film. It worked quite well. I had a lot of fun both observing and imaging with this scope. The telescope was featured in Sky and Telescope and drew a great deal of interest in the mounting.

Here are cold camera slides taken with the 10 inch, push processed and developed by me. These are 5 minute exposures. Keep in mind that these were taken in the 1970's and astonished us when projected. The vividness of the colors was rare in those days.